Where can I get a job in South Australia?

Question by : Where can I get a job in South Australia?
Im 15 and im trying to get a job but im finding it very hard to find one
any ideas

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Answer by broken hill phil
As soon as you can get your Riggers ticket… then Articulated Vehicles tickets ( for forklifts.. front-end loaders etc )…. with these tickets you may find it easy to get work in the mining industries… also crane-operators & dogmans tickets….get these early in life then you will be larfin’ all the way to the bank….

start searching here >>>http://au.search.yahoo.com/search?fr=mcafee&p=learn+to+get+riggers+ticket

good luck…

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  1. At fifteen I suppose that you are looking for a job after school and at the weekend so that would mean trying the fast food shops and the supermarket and any other shops that are near your home. It might help if you get a food handling certificate if you want work in a food shop. My daughter just went to the local shops when she was fifteen and got work straight away just by asking , the shops didn’t even have vacancies advertised but she worked in two of them until she left school.

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