Mining job – Dogman?

No doubt mining boom has created some lucrative jobs with high pay, good working conditions and with high regard for safety of all employed.
As new mines are opened, surface processing plant construction is a major project where dogmen find themselves involved in heavily.
Cranes are a must – lift and place type of work happens all day long, every day.
Cranes don’t work without people – and certainly can’t sling their own loads, place them into position and release all slings.
Dogging tasks are considered high risk work – one must have minimum DG class licence – Licence to perform dogging, in order to select and inspect all lifting gear, sling loads and direct the crane operator while moving the loads, placing into position and releasing the load.
Experience comes with time and while watching other, more experienced dogmen and riggers, learning new skills and techniques.
To get a DG licence – or dogging licence, one needs to attend accredited course and undertake competency based assessment at the completion of course.
Once dogging licence is obtained, it is up to the individual to go and find work as a new addition to the High Risk Workforce – high in demand, high in responsibility and highly respected.
Be safe and
Good luck to every one!