High Risk Work Licence upcoming training courses calendar.


For upcoming courses please see calendar link above. To check place availability for each course, please call 0430 103 357 .

If course is not listed in upcoming weeks, that means there is no booking yet, you can request new course booking using the form on the right, we will get back to you same day. In order to secure your place in training course, it is advised to make booking as early as possible, few weeks in advance. In general, we run small training groups – up to 6 applicants at the time, so we can deliver more concentrated training. Deposit for course fee is not compulsory but it does secure your place in course, should the course group size grow larger than 6 participants.

For information about bookings and cost, please contact us, preferably via the telephone. We can deliver training and assessments at our premises or at your workplace. Weekend and split courses, logbook training is also an option.

For people who can not take time off work, logbook training is often the best option:

Participant is required to enrol with RTO in HRWL class course, learn the theory part of training and undertake the practical part of training on the job under supervision of fully licensed person. Assessment can be conducted once formative assessment (pre-assessment) shows that the applicant is competent to undertake full assessment.

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