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Training course for tower crane licence

Training course for a CPCCLTC4001A – Tower crane licence, Sydney, NSW.

If you need a licence to operate a tower crane, you’re at the right place. Our registered training organisation (RTO) provides training courses for future tower crane operators. We have experienced trainers and assessors who will help you get through the training course and pass an assessment for tower crane operator licence. You will be awarded a Nationally recognised Licence to operate tower crane.Tower crane licence can help you enter the highly paid construction workforce and now is right time while the construction is booming. Come and get your tower crane licence.

Licence to operate a tower crane

Operating a tower crane is a risky business and it comes with great deal of responsibility; in NSW you require appropriate Tower crane licence issued by WorkCover NSW before you can operate tower crane. This course is for licence class CT and not for self-erecting tower cranes, licence class CS. Tower cranes are popping up everywhere lately and tower crane operator jobs are plenty. There’s always enough work for a good tower crane operator in Sydney.

Tower crane licensing school Sydney

We are Registered Training Organisation and we can provide training and assessment for CT – Tower crane licence. To provide tower crane operator training course, training organisation must be registered and approved and have the relevant tower crane licensing on the scope of delivery. Obtained qualification upon completion of the tower crane operator training course is National high risk work licence class CT or Licence to operate a tower crane, valid Australia-wide. Before getting into the seat of tower crane, person should be experienced dogger or rigger. That experience on the other ond of the hook would greatly help understand the operations of the tower crane.

tower crane licence Sydney