Mobile Crane Training Course for CO – Over 100 tonne – TLILIC4011A

CO crane licence – CO ticket or open crane ticket

CO crane licence – open crane ticket. To book your place, call 0430 103 357

This slewing mobile crane operator training course by RFJ Operator Training and Assessments is designed for applicants to obtain all necessary skills to operate a slewing mobile crane over 100 tonnes capacity for licensing purposes. This crane operator course encompasses the knowledge and skill requirement for non-slewing mobile crane licence and the vehicle loading crane licence, as prescribed by the National Standard for Licensing Persons Performing High Risk Work. It encompasses the requirement for the up to 100 tonnes licence. On completion of this course operators will be able to plan the work, conduct routine checks, set up crane, transfer loads, mobile loads, and shut down and secure the crane. CO crane ticket. Or as they say, open crane ticket. Training course for CO licence or open crane ticket includes planning of work or planning of set up, first. There you’ll decide where and how to set up the crane, how much crane counterweight is required, what type of hook block, if there’s need for fly extension etc.

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450t – CO, view out of operator’s cab

Once the crane has been set up, you’ll need to enter all relevant data into the crane computer. That varies from one application to another as well from one crane to another. They all do the same basic thing but you will need to push different buttons. Crane computer makes the crane operations safe as it engages various limitation of the crane movements, preventing overloading of the crane or over-hoisting of the crane hook block. Crane operator needs to be able to fully understand all aspects of the crane operations before he or she is awarded CO crane licence.

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