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Becoming a mobile crane operator carries a great potential financial advantage in today’s mining and construction boom, as mobile crane operators are paid respectable rates compared to many other trades out there in a similar field of work.

But at the same time, mobile crane operator’s position carries a great responsibility and a great deal of every-day’s life-threatening danger while working as a crane operator.

Having a ticket to operate mobile crane doesn’t automatically make you a good operator. Everyone should be aware of this and use common sense in progressing onto the bigger and more dangerous machines in their working operator’s life, take advantage of additional crane training where provided, ask questions and actively watch more experienced crane operators.

No one is the best crane operator, ever. No one is safe from making false judgments or mistakes. The crane is only as good as the team utilizing it, from it’s operator and doggers to it’s mechanical condition and external workplace conditions.

Be careful, that’s very important.

Getting a crane ticket alone will help you greatly in setting a very good base to build on, provided you take it seriously.

The crane training procedure was created with new crane operator in mind, so if followed correctly, it is sure to prevent you from making common beginner’s mistakes and putting yourself and others in danger.

In Australia, mobile crane licensing is provided by RTOs and under control of Safe Work NSW because it is a high risk work licence and crane licence obtained through any RTO (Registered Training Organization) is nationally recognized.

Crane Ticket itself is issued by Safe Work NSW and is valid for 5 years, unless revoked or cancelled by Safe Work NSW for any breaches or misuse.

Crane Licensing procedure

To obtain a Licence to operate any mobile crane, you must complete a crane training course and assessment, both of which have a practical and theory part. Recognition of prior learning or relevant skills, as well as overseas crane tickets are not valid for assessment purposes.

There are no short cuts and requirements for crane licensing are the same for every applicant.

Training course and assessment include supply of all learning material, safe and suitable facilities and a utilization of a suitable relevant crane.