Become mobile crane operator

Someone asked me today if they get the highest crane license if they could expect to find a crane operator job quickly.
What do you say to that?
Well I think the the attitude is all that matters. Same as anywhere, if you are good, you trying hard and you don’t have the big crane operator syndrome, than you will make it far.
Being on time every time, following best practices and being good workmate within a team. Being team player is the key to everything.
Crane operators are human beings and make mistakes, get sick, want to change positions and crews and what not.
So, if I was to start from beginning again, I would do what I am asked to do, try to be better than yesterday and see if there’s something I can learn about cranes every day.
Stay calm and listen to the experienced ones, even if it sounds that they might not be telling the whole story, or the fish is a bit too big. Play the game.

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