McMahon Services Adelaide Oval Demolition Time Lapse Video

McMahon Services showed their strength, demolishing the iconic Adelaide Oval Grandstands to ground level and recovering all salvage items in just 18 days. Engaged by Head Contractor Baulderstone, McMahon Services was responsible for all demolition and salvage works for the 0.2 million Adelaide Oval Redevelopment in the heart of Adelaide’s CBD. Making way for a new world class stadium, McMahon Services deconstructed the Bradman Stand, Chappel Stands, Clem Hill Stand, Indoor Cricket Centre, SACA offices and various other structures within the precinct. Through a highly accelerated eight week program with three simultaneous work fronts, the demolition team ripped through structures mounting up to 18000 tonnes of concrete, 1500 tonnes of bricks, 700 tonnes of steel and 15 tonnes of non-ferrous metals. The Ultra High Reach Demolition Excavator performed at its peak, deconstructing the 25 metre high Bradman Stand, Indoor Cricket Centre and Chappel Stands. The machine’s incredible hydraulic shear brought down the enormous structures in a synchronised performance with a fleet of eight excavators ranging from 150 to 22 tonne. McMahon Services also self-delivered company-owned cranage using the 250 tonne Liebherr, 100 tonne Tadano and 25 tonne Franna cranes. The team of 30 worked tirelessly on a seven-day shift rotation to get the job done and were further assisted by McMahon Services’ Indigenous contracting division – Intract. A team of nine completed a wide range of jobs from

12 thoughts on “McMahon Services Adelaide Oval Demolition Time Lapse Video

  1. As someone living in the UK who has visited Adelaide twice, I could weep to watch this. I have gone around telling people Adelaide was the most beautiful Test ground I had seen and now look at what has been done. You can’t blame the demolition company, they were just doing what they were employed to do. But the Aussie cricket authorities who allowed this… Have they no sense of what they were wiping out? A century of history and character gone forever.

  2. It was indeed. Now it’s yet another soulless stadium. Don’t blame McMahon — they had a job to do and they did it impressively well. But if “progress” always means this, then let’s just play all cricket in a 100,000 seater concrete bowl in Qatar and have done with it. I always wanted to watch a Test at Adelaide. I don’t now.

  3. It’s ironic that you called him an ‘idiot’ when you don’t even have a basic grasp on the English language. Also, clearly the music has a title and a composer, why is he an idiot for wanting that information?

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