CO license

CO license – or CO crane operator’s ticket – is a slewing mobile operator open crane licence, licence to operate slewing mobile crane of capacity greater than hundred tonnes.

Crane operator licensing is done by RTO – Registered Training Organization which delivers all theory and practical training prior to a WorkCover accredited assessment. Crane operator training for CO licence takes minimum 5 consecutive days plus one day for assessment or over a period of few weeks or even months, after the applicant has enrolled in high risk work licence class of CO license, open crane ticket.

Once the trainer is satisfied that the applicant for CO license has accumulated enough knowledge to undertake assessment, booking is made for the assessment with all venue details, time, assessor name and date of assessment for co license.

Assessment for open crane licence has to be done in three stages: theory assessment (knowledge) , load charts assessment and a practical assessment part. Practical assessment for CO license has to be done on a suitable machine – slewing mobile crane of capacity greater than 100t and using suitable loads and movements as prescribed in National Assessment Instrument and WorkCover Guidelines for HRWL assessment.

Practical assessment for co license includes hazard identification and implementing hazard control measures, pre start machine check, set up, moving loads and packing up of the crane.Applicant is deemed competent for CO License only after satisfactory completeing all three parts of co crane licence assessment, and is issued with Notice of Satisfactory Assessment – NSA. CO licence entitles holder to operate slewing mobile cranes of capacity greater than 100t but it doesn’t incorporate tower cranes and many other cranes. There is common misconception that co license – open crane ticket – covers all cranes. It is only for slewing and non slewing mobile cranes.


co license

co license needed to operate this thing

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