Grove – EKS / ECOS

Grove cranes have their own computer system for crane functions and for suspension/drivetrain functions.

below are some example pictures

Grove Computer EKS

crane operator training – EKS Grove crane computer

EKS 5 Light computer on GMK 5130. Not the best of looks, but does give a crane operator full control over the machine’s setup.

It has shortcuts to quickly change length of outriggers used, amount of counterweight on crane, fly jib extension and hook reeving.

Besides using main computer configuration setup code, any of the data can be entered separately.



grove crane ecos and eks computer

operator training – GMK 5130 Grove crane ecos and eks computer

crane operator training computer sample pictures

Computer console with both ECOS and EKS displays in front of the crane operator.

The whole console can be adjusted for height and angle for better comfort and viewing option.

In the middle between the two displays is service key for overriding certain crane functions – anti two block or hoist limit switch and general overload. Turn the key anti-clockwise and both functions are combined, or overload only if you turn the key to the right only. Smart function that prevents accidentally exceeding hoist limit, also seen on some other crane makes like Demag – Terex.

grove crane computer showing outrigger pressures ecos GMK 5130

grove crane computer showing outrigger pressures ecos GMK 5130 – crane training

Crane training school crane computer pictures

Example of ECOS digital level display with outrigger pressures displayed for each crane outrigger. On GMK 5130, bottom engine can be started from the crane operator’s cab and that gives the operator option to control/adjust outriggers without leaving the top cab. To move any of the outriggers from the crane operator’s cab, slew brake must be ON. Operator Manual explains the procedure and dangers thoroughly, make sure you read and understand it, follow it to the full extent.

settings on ecos GMK 5130 grove crane computer

crane operator training – settings on ecos GMK 5130 grove crane computer

Crane training Sydney – crane computer sample picture

grove crane ecos movement speed adjustment

Crane operator school Sydney – grove crane ecos movement speed adjustment

Maximum speed of movements on GMK 5130 is controlled from ECOS settings – depending on current crane configuration relat

…more crane computer training information will be uploaded soon…




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    • Grove operator manual explains the procedure for correcting telescopic errors using left and right triggers on joysticks in combination with A B and CE buttons on ECOS for fixing common computer ‘spasms’ or temporary sensor problems. If the problem is in the cable or in the cable drum/it’s contacts, than the whole procedure is a bit different and you can lock yourself out of telescoping completely as it times out, you will have to use complete manual override and to drive the telescoping ram to the exact position to the last millimetre in order to grab the tele section, and have the cable drum exchanged subsequently.

  1. Error code 2051.
    The mounting arm at the tip of the boom was bumped and bend. I have straightened it to the best, but the error remains.
    Do I need to open the reeler drum and re-calibrate adjust pot to correct the length setting, thus clearing the error.
    Or is the error due to another fault.
    The plug to this end box is bumped skew and the box bolts is seized. Possibly a wire could be off or damaged inside the box.
    Could you please help me, need to help my costomer.

    • Hi,
      did you interpret the error code first – what does it relate to?
      Every repair should start from easiest and most logical point first, try to avoid unnecessary repairs.

    • Dave,
      all error codes are at the back of your Operator Manual; the ones that are not listed, you’ll need to call Manitowoc mechanic to clarify.

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