Franna (pick&carry)

Pick – and – carry crane, non-slewing.

Lifting 20t Franna with another crane

Lifting AT20 Franna


To operate pick and carry crane, you need a valid relevant driver’s licence and Work Cover issued CN class operator ticket.

Example of Franna crane computer:

franna licence crane training computer

franna licence crane training computer

Display above on AT20 non-slewing pick & carry (Franna) crane shows the operator all information needed for safe operation of the crane.

Top left corner relates to number of falls of rope being used on the hook block, below that is the current rear axle loading etc. Everything is pretty much self explanatory.

In the middle on the top of display is the main part of setup – “WINCH” – that is to show that the crane is currently configured to use winch on main boom with hook block to lift. It would be incorrect to lift loads on rhino hook, any of the lugs, manual or fly extension without changing the setting in the computer prior to lift.

If setup and used correctly, Franna computer is very helpful piece of crane equipment.

25t Franna cabin

Franna AT25

the gear selector is on the right side on steering wheel:

gear selector at 25 franna

Gear selector AT25 Franna