CO – over 100t – Open

Training for open ticket – over 100t capacity, involves a lot more. To be capable of operating a crane over 100t capacity, the operator needs to be well trained on all smaller cranes in every aspect. Often big cranes incorporate all of the previous requirements plus additional requirements, such as extreme flexing of the crane under the heavy load, large amounts of counterweight, super-lift, luffing fly etc. Big cranes require a lot more complex logistics, lot more room to set up and ground that is prepared for this type of crane.

Lifting Super T GMK 7450 with MWL

lifting 85t super T

Example of extreme deflection:

gmk 5220 extreme deflection

extreme boom deflection in gmk 5220

Big cranes, big chains, big hooks. Multiple rope falls reeving:

reeving multiple falls of rope hook block

multiple rope falls reeving