C6 – up to 60t

Prime example of crane size where C6 crane ticket is needed is Liebherr LTM 1030-1 , 35t .

LTM 1030-1

Liebherr 35t allterrain

Early 2000′ , 30m main boom model, on two axles. full synchronized telescoping boom, 3 tele sections, no pining. Very compact and maneuverable machine, fits in tight spaces.

Crane is extremely quick and easy to set up, long outrigger jack stroke makes it a breeze to set up on a uneven ground.


Outrigger LTM 1030-1


Use ‘hand’ control button and any of the suspension up/down buttons combined to level the crane as close to level both longitudinal and cross wise.

Once desired level is reached, crane suspension is locked using hand-button and suspension lock button in bottom cab.


Suspension Lock

Suspension Lock LTM 1030-1

From outrigger control box on either side push the outriggers out by first activating the controls by pressing ‘hand’ button once – green light lights up – , setting the engine revs via curved arrow and then pressing horizontal arrow ‘out’ , to required length (as much as possible, preferably full) and slide the outrigger pads into working (central) position. Repeat the same procedure on opposite side.

outrigger control box with spirit level

outrigger control box

Make sure to lock all outriggers with locking pins so they can not retract under any circumstance.

outrigger pin - unlocked

outrigger pin

Once all outriggers are out and and locked all required packing is placed under the outrigger pads, raise the crane just off the ground and set the crane level. Minimal ground clearance is recommended for smaller cranes with very rigid chassis.

Turn off the engine and turn the selector knob in the front cab from “road travel” to “crane” position.

Start the engine from the top cab , load Liccon computer and check the settings in it immediately. Do not proceed past this point until you are satisfied you have the right settings loaded – outrigger length, main boom/fly, slew option, amount of counterweight and parts of line on a hook block. Once you ENTER everything, computer will choose it’s code for the set crane configuration. Now press “OK”.

Liccon setup/chart view

Liccon Set Up

Liccon 2 working picture

Liccon working picture












Now the only thing left is to get the boom out of cradle and load counterweight, install any hook blocks, fly jib attachments etc.

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