C2 – up to 20t

Some cranes within C2 class have scissor-type outriggers.

Careful with this: the higher the outriggers go up, the narrower the base of support is. On top of that, as the outrigger goes up, it actually slides in as well, so it is dangerous when claiming/pigstying as it can easily slide off the timber support and potentially harm you and others and damage the crane itself.

Good thing that the cranes of capacity up to 20t have all of their equipment with them, they don’t require the support vehicle (most of the time). Other good thing is that they are relatively light for the size and can tolerate softer ground. But most of them are city crane class and are very sluggish on the road, annoying other road users as they move slowly through the busy city traffic.

One more advantage – most of them are fitted with 2 hoists at all times and it is a breeze to get the things happening. Nice piece of equipment when used correctly.

Thing to look out for is the light weight of the hook block – can easily lead to birdcaging of the wire rope when hoisting down with the hook block reeved up maximum times without any weight on it  and going at the high speed.

Kobelco, Kato, Tadano, PPM and other popular manufacturers.