Dogman formulas

General formulas for calculating SWL in direct lift (no angle or reeve factors)

SWL of FSWR : SWL (kg) = D x D (mm) x 8
If load is known, minimum size Diameter of FSWR: D (mm) = √Load (kg) ÷ 8

SWL of Grade 80 Chain: SWL (kg) = D x D (mm) x 80 x 0.4
If load is known, minimum Diameter of G80 Chain: D (mm) = √L (kg) ÷ 0.4 ÷ 80

Once angle or/and reeve factors are present, formula for maximum load that can be lifted is:
Max load = SWL (of sling) x angle factor x reeve factor
If load is known, to calculate minimum capacity sling use formula:
SWL = weight ÷ angle factor ÷ reeve factor

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