Crane scale


Crane scale for digital, analog and mechanical readings and lifting operations

Besides of load weight estimating by a precise calculation, only other way of knowing how heavy an item is to pick it up and weigh it. For that we use weighing scales.

Crane scale is irreplaceable.

Crane weighing scales can be sourced from many manufacturers. Standalone crane scales are mostly equipped with digital display and show very accurate reading. Weighing scales can also be analog and they come in different capacities, up to hundreds of tonnes.

crane scale

Wireless crane weighing scale

Interesting type of crane weighing scale is a wireless digital crane scale. It can be added to a crane which doesn’t have the capability to weigh an item that is lifting. It is equipped with a remote display. Wireless crane scale are very compact in dimensions so they don’t cause the crane to lose much headroom, which can be of great importance for crane operations. Transmission range from the crane wireless scale to the actual display can be up to 150m (clear line of sight). Display can also be connected to multiple wireless scales and can show wights individually or their sum.

The heart of the wireless crane scale is load cell. Load cell is usually made of high grade stainless steel. Some older cranes which didn’t have the crane weighing scale included have been made safe with an addition of this type of crane scale. Scales will not show any other information but the weight only. If other relevant crane operations data is required, fully functional crane computer is required.