Crane Licence Training

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Training for a crane licence is extensive exercise.

Most training schools or registered training organizations – RTO – provide 4 – 7 day course in any crane class – cn,cv,c2,c6,c1 or co crane licence.

There are some crane training schools that offer slower training courses, say weekend only for 4-6 weeks and assessment at the end.

Extensive crane training is just about impossible to get now days, so new applicants for crane licence have to get their crane ticket first and then hope that they will get the crane training provided once they get a crane operator’s job. Catch 22.

Crane licence training is divided to theory and practical part and they are separated. It also depends how much about cranes the applicant already knows, if he/she holds any dogging ticket or any lower crane classes; then it is decided what type of crane licence training needs to be delivered to the applicant in question.

Crane training usually happens on one crane which is suitable for the applicable crane licence class the applicant is applying for, so the person in question will not get training for all possible versions, it is up to them and their future employers to deliver crane training on a particular machine before the operator starts the new crane operators job.

Theory in crane training covers all aspects of applicable regulations and exercise – calculations task.

Practical part in crane training includes hazard identification, planing for the task, set up, transferring the load, pack up and shut down of the crane according to manufacturer’s guidelines.

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