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  1. Importance of Crane License and certification in the USA
    Certifications or licensing are cannot be easily achieved without passing a particular set of standards that will measure performance and capacity of an individual. These are given among those ones who have enough practicality and experience. One must have these so-called “recipes” in order for him/her to become legally certified on his target profession including hands-on skills, experiences, knowledge and degree. These qualifications are not just a criteria to judge a person if he/she deserves to be on that position but an assessment that will gauge his/her learning in academic and experience aspects in life. These certifications and licensing serve as the proof that they passed such tests to become licensed and consider as professional on their own field. Due to some instances wherein such certifications and tests are logistically challenging and costly, some agencies began to practice using such standard-based examinations that are capable of assessing their people with precise results. Traditional way of testing an individual before giving his/her certification to serve as proof if he pass or fail the exam were silently diminishing because of the emergence of new technology. As a result, most companies find this process “obsolete” and the value of the certification is being diminished.
    In obtaining your own crane license, it is a must to pass the tests before you could on through it. Apparently, there is a big difference between crane license to a crane certification. The requirements needed for crane license is eventually considered as “credentialing” and more complicated and mostly it is compulsory as a government requirement in order to know if the one who is applying for it has the knowledge and the learning in such certain profession. Licensing for crane operation most likely includes examination, interview and completion of training as this will serve as the basis if the person deserves to have this license.
    On the other hand, crane certification is a voluntary process that is mostly conducted by a non-governmental agency in order to recognize such person for his skills and knowledge in operating a crane. Certification is not always considered mandatory or compulsory unless a state or a city adapt this certification and make this as the basis for a licensing program. Moreover, it depends on the city that will use certification as a basis for employment. Once you compare crane license to certification, you will notice that certification is a voluntary version of license that was made to show if the person has the skills and the knowledge in safe performing of crane operation along with other related job duties.
    Where to get crane license?
    Last November 2010, crane operators and other aspirants are required to have both certification and license by an accredited organization, company or institution like the NCCCO in order to be recognized and be qualified on the team of professional crane operators. If you will not be able to have your license or either certification at hand, then you will not have the permission to operate any crane duties. This kind of rule is needed to prevent any workplace accidents among employees due to diligence of safety and license. For more details and information about states and cities offering legal crane license and certification, check the mobile cranes or contact page.

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