CN licence – when do you need licence to operate non-slewing mobile crane?

What is CN Licence for? It is for operators of non slewing mobile crane of capacity greater than 3 tonnes. That is in general pick and carry crane, most popular model being Franna or Terex-Franna .

They come in many sizes, old ones had 12t, 14t, 16t and 18t capacity, newer ones are mainly 15t, 20t and 25t capacity, with come variations.One might be surprised to discover that in Australia, in order to operate all terrain forklift with attachments that has capacity greater than 3t, CN licence is needed. Very versatile cranes, pick and carry are not so easy to keep under control in all conditions and require skilled operator to undertake some serious lifting and/or carrying load tasks. Load charts need to be interpreted correctly in order to apply necessary capacity de-rating, adjust boom length and angle for best possible utilization of crane, pay attention to humps, holes, speed of travel, load swing and so much more. If used correctly, non slewing mobile crane are a great, irreplaceable bit of gear. Crane licence for operating a forklift might look like a bit of overkill, but any licensed operator will agree that the crane training did provide a lot of additional information and makes it a lot safer to operate machine.

cn crane licence

cn crane operator licence

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