City Of Cranes – UK

August 2009 Taking the viewer on a journey high up into the sky, this HD film is a stunning portrait of the lives of crane drivers. Divided into four chapter…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

17 thoughts on “City Of Cranes – UK

  1. What is really weird is that this is a re-post, but the first time they posted it, it was the full version! I remember it well, because there was a hilarious part where a guy sitting in a crane at night(they never explained why he was there at night), commented on seeing some old naked lady hoovering her flat on a regular basis! LOL!

  2. Christ,I got vertigo just watching this from my fricking sofa,lol.Huge respect to those blokes. Oh,& we don’t look up coz we’d have a tendency to walk into things,hahaha!

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