When is dogging Licence required?

When there’s a need to make decision about how to sling the load correctly which is to be lifted by crane, selecting and inspecting the slings or when need to direct the crane operator in moving loads, person executing the task should have minimum Dogger’s licence.Варан

Selection of lifting slings will depend on the type, weight and size of load, it’s shape and any special slinging requirements like load distribution and edges protection (but not limited to); and any clearances required for the lift.

When selected, all lifting gear needs to be inspected for it’s serviceability and reliability, keeping in mind if the gear is suitable for the lift and if it could be better to use some other type of lifting slings.

Slinging technique needs to meet all requirements for safe lifting – not to damage the load, the gear or the crane. It needs to provide for load’s stability and security – not to lose the load once it’s lifted for a reason that the lifting gear has slipped off, load has shifted, lifting slings have broken off or were cut by the load – just to name a few scenarios.

If the gut feeling shows that the load might not make the journey, don’t proceed and double check everything. make any necessary corrections before lifting.

For safe use of any lifting slings, always refer to the angle and reeve factors on the manufacturer’s tag, and any conditions of use. If unsure – don’t do it.