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Open class crane ticket

Highest slewing mobile crane licence

Crane operator licence for slewing mobile crane over 100 tonnes capacity is referred to as open class crane ticket .

It is a Nationally recognized high risk class licence and is obtained after attending the relevant crane operator training course and satisfactorily completing both written and practical assessment.

Open class crane licence these days costs between $2800 and $3500 and can be done in 6 days or over a period of time – if a trainee choses to practise at workplace under supervision of a fully qualified operator.

C6 licence September course booking

C6 slewing crane operator training course and assessment – WorkCover high risk work licence.

Scheduled course starting Monday 16.09.2013. with assessment on Friday 20.09.2013.

Bookings are essential, class size is 6 participants maximum.

2 training place options – Granvile or Silverdale .

Cranes used for training and assessments are all of 60t and under, with options of 22.5t truck crane, 30t truck crane, 35t allterrain crane, 40t allterrain crane, 50t truck crane or 55t allterrain crane. If there’s any preference to a training crane, applicant should discuss this with our trainers prior to course commencement.

Training course for C6 Licence goes for 5 days with 5th day being reserved for assessment, if the flow of the training course shows that there will be no problems with the assessment outcome. In case of any unpredicted course obstacles like very bad weather or any other event that could alter the flow of learning, assessment day can be scheduled for Saturday or Sunday.

For all course information, please contact Rik on 0412 916 014.

C6 crane licence

Demag 50t – AC50