C6 Crane licence in Sydney

Slewing mobile crane licencing is usually done in 3 stages:

– applicant attends slewing mobile crane training course with an  accredited RTO

– applicant undertakes assessment for the licence class

– applicant is issued with National High Risk Work Licence, issued by WorkCover

Training and assessment for high risk work licence issued by WorkCover – and slewing mobile crane licence is one of them, can only be done through and Registered Training Organization – RTO. For an RTO specializing in slewing mobile crane licensing in Sydney look no further – visit RFJ operator training in Silverdale for all High Risk Work Licensing, training and assessments.Crane ticket for C6 entitles holder to operate slewing mobile crane of capacity up to 60 tonnes and is recognized Nation wide. It is a National High Risk Work Licence. After obtaining C6 slewing mobile crane licence, candidate needs to ensure that his or her employer provides adequate training on applicable machine. It is essential that the crane operator is highly familiar with the machine they operate in order to be able to undertake all crane operations safely and to the required standard of efficiency and to be able to follow all manufacturer’s recommendations and procedures. Mobile crane operator needs to remain competent at all times. Maintaining competency for a slewing mobile crane operator is not hard thing to do, one must ensure that he or she operates slewing mobile crane on a regular basis and to stay well informed about any new rules or regulations about operating slewing mobile crane up to 60t. RTO that provides training and assessment for C6 can deliver the training at RTO venue or at the worksite. Courses are held over 5 days plus assessment but logbook training or split courses can also be arranged. Assessment for slewing mobile crane is delivered by WorkCover accredited Assessor and consists of theory and practical part of crane licence assessment .



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