C1 crane ticket

What do I need to get C1 crane ticket?

Do I need to go to TAFE or can I do it at an RTO?

Crane training is expensive and old logbook system doesn’t work any more, so getting C1 – up to 100t crane ticket or crane licence can’t be considered as easy any more.

Private crane training schools offer complete training including assessment at the end, which will give you a High Risk Work Licence issued by Work Cover.

All High Risk Work Licences are photo licence now, with expiry date – duration is 5 years.

Crane tickets are issued by Work Cover of relevant State and is recognised Nationwide.

Lately, crane tickets or crane licence are highly sought after in mining and construction industry.

Obtaining crane ticket is abig step towards job and financial security as mining and construction boom is set to last a long while yet. Crane operators are highly paid professionals.

With the crane ticket comes enormous responsibility, so serious crane training is a must before attempting to operate a crane.

Crane training schools deliver basic skills which, if followed correctly, can give you a good base to build on in your carrier as a crane operator.


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