CN licence


LIcence to operate a non-slewing mobile crane (over 2 tonnes) or CN licence. Most people refer to it as ‘franna ticket’. Next scheduled training course with subsequent high risk work licence assessment is on 07/07/2014. Call for booking or enroll online. Cost is $1600 and course duration is 4 days plus one day assessment.

All learning materials are provided. There is plenty of parking available.

Crane and assessor are all included in the price.

Tea, coffee, bottled water also provided.

CN Crane Licence

CN Licence

25t Franna – CN Licence

CN Crane licence

Franna AT25

Cost of getting the crane licence in Sydney

Getting a licence to operate slewing mobile crane is challenging enough, without the financial burden. The cost comes on top of everything else.

Training course requires attention and good memory, as learning to operate slewing mobile crane includes a lot of theory training. At first, most of the theory doesn’t seem to be related or immensely important, but once put in practise – it all makes perfect sense.

While all theory and a little of general operating skills can be obtained during the course, on the job training with correct approach is the main part in becoming a good crane operator, capable of handling difficult tasks in various situations, making right decisions and keeping everyone safe.

Crane Licence SydneyThe main reason for high cost of crane course in Sydney is meeting all training and assessment requirements, which include proper and professional training using correct materials, technique and equipment, duration of course and a cost of assessment.

But, in most cases, vrane licence pays for itself very quickly and ends up being a very good and wise investment.

Crane operator job is highly respected and well paid. Many mines across Australia hire crane operators at very good conditions and a really big pay, often operators are making the 4-5 times the average income.


Next CO Open Crane Ticket Course in Sydney

Training course and WorkCover assessment in Sydney for CO – open slewing mobile crane licence offered on a monthly basis. Assessment is conducted either on GMK 5130 (130t Grove) or LTM 1200 (200t liebherr).

Open crane licence carries great responsibility – all training is conducted by highly experienced professionals in operating of slewing mobile cranes.

CO ticket in Sydney offers great opportunity for a stable employment with a  number of crane hire companies and construction companies that have slewing mobile cranes involved in their fleet or scope of work browse this site.