Mobile Cranes

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A mobile crane is a road vehicle that has lifting devices with rotating telescopic or lattice booms. The vehicle is usually driven by diesel engines. The hydrostatic transmission works in most cases, hydraulic pumps, sometimes with a mechanical gearbox. Wherein the operation with hydraulic pump is easier and the working speed is better controlled. There are also sometimes mixed systems used. The lifting is done mechanically and include processes such as turning, driving rockers and hydraulic. There are differences between mobile cranes, (vehicle) loading cranes, mobile cranes and crawler cranes. We use mobile crane frequently when the use of a fixed crane is not possible or no power supply is available. Some cranes can lift heavy loads even as tower cranes.


Crane operator training for heavy lifting


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Some of heaviest lifting requiring a good mix of precision and reflexes is installing bridge beams – super Ts.

Crane operator training for this type of lifting procedure is long and extensive, often results in years of experience in all fields of lifting – from simple light and close lifts to long radius, high and heavy lifting.

Experience is something that comes with time and it can not be sped up, but it can be slowed right down.

If a crane operator is stuck on same machine for many years, then he is denied gaining experience in all other fields that particular crane doesn’t participate in.

Because of this, proper crane operator training for heavy lifting always includes operating all different cranes in all possible combinations of tasks, so later there is no lack of confidence when it comes to high concentration and high precision lifting.

Installing 90t super T bridge beam